Server migration services simplify the process of migrating data from one server to another one. The process usually involves migrating the on-premises Virtual Machines to cloud servers for reducing the workload. Server migration helps in automating an incremental replication of live server volumes, which eventually reduces the server downtime. Additionally, it has an easy to use User Interface that assists in improved managing and tracking how the migration of server is progressing over time.

The engineers at WeCode utilize different cloud migration platform services that include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). AWS services are an excellent solution for migrating servers as they operate through a connector that deploys in vCenter that helps in orchestrating the migration workflow. GCP is a part of Google Cloud that includes G Suite, modular services of computing, data storage, analytics, machin learning APIs, and other mapping services. Similarly, Azure is a public cloud computing platform that includes IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions for analytics, virtual computing, networking, and storage services.

Application Assessment Services for Cloud Infrastructure Migration

Our experienced developers consistently work towards fulfilling the gap between business requirements and IT capabilities. Since businesses are becoming very specific about their requirements, numerous applications need to have a migration framework. Migration of workloads enhance accessibility, recognize threat regions, and improve the chances of increasing operational performances. WeCode assesses the needs and complexities of applications and suggests the most suitable solution:

hoosing Cloud Models

Choosing Cloud Models

WeCode offers options to choose a cloud computing model among IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) uses AWS, Azure, GCP to host applications through third-party data centers and focuses more on development, deployment, and monitoring. Platform as a Service makes your applications portable with an invisible infrastructure that has the required runtime software already loaded. You can drop your code, and only the app’s uppermost layer deploys.

Selecting Cloud Type

Selecting Cloud Type

Your business can choose from different options we offer for cloud types among Private, Public, and Hybrid. Public cloud enables all your resources to host on either one or many cloud providers that include AWS, Azure, and GCP. Hybrid clouds are usually preferred because they are reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-efficient. In times of peak or drop in demand, you need to scale your resources accordingly. Hybrid cloud offers you the option to select which components can be in the public cloud and which can be stored on-premises.

Application Complexity Levels

Application Complexity Levels

WeCode assesses the complexity of your applications in terms of being scalable and a distributed architecture. We make sure that an app is following an architecture that is distributed and has design scalability before the migration process begins. AWS Migration Hub is one such service that enables your business to discover the tools needed by an app for assessing its readiness to be migrated.

Integration Points

Integration Points

Identification of integration points like payment gateways, web services, third-party vendors, external storage; is probably the most critical task. Our developers solve all the challenges of authentication and connectivity that your application might face while doing the bulk app migration from a data center. For this, we use discovery tools that enable a bird’s eye view of all configurations and connections. These tools can automatically discover apps and are capable of mapping dependencies between them.

Database Servers

Database Servers

Application database servers are another vital part of the migration process as it highly depends on the sensitive and complex nature of your data. We ensure that even if you are migrating petabytes of data, the methods are reliable and capable of being rolled back if there are unexpected circumstances. Hence, we use Migration Hub services provided by AWS that enable simplification and acceleration of discovering and migrating the data from on-premises to the cloud.

Why Choose Wecode?

WeCode has an experience of many years in providing cloud migration services utilizing AWS SMS in automating the entire data infrastructure from premises to cloud servers. It requires a lot of preparation to make a successful operation that offers scalability, flexibility and saves the costs of businesses. We ensure that our customers don’t fall behind the competition by providing security against data breaches.

Supports Large Workloads

Our operations and development team streamlines the migration of large databases to decrease the time taken for deploying your applications. Whether it is redesigning the entire infrastructure or moving to an altogether different platform, your application shipping is more flexible through our cloud migration service.

Reduction in Latency

Our cloud migration services ensures there is an increase in the performance of your applications, thus, enriching the customer experience. By hosting the data on cloud data centers, our solutions decrease the time taken by an application to reach its users that helps in saving both costs and time, as compared to on-premise servers.

Integrity of Data

We facilitate the security and integrity of your cloud and on-premises data after the migration process. Our developers ensure that we build a distributed development environment that enables remote access to the applications. It empowers tracking, upgrading, and monitoring many administrative tasks.

Quicker Disaster Recovery

We offer a DR solution with different tools like Amazon S3, AWS Snowball, Storage Gateway for backing up on-premises data to AWS. Our disaster recovery service enables your business to carry on its operations even after your business loses data if a disaster hits the data center.